The Monaco Grand Prix - 2011

On Thursday, Jane and I took the 1€ 100 Bus to Monaco to catch the start of the practice sessions for Sunday's Grand Prix.

The place was full of tourists all looking for a free place to catch a glimpse of the circuit.  The organizers had the place locked down, so unless you were a local and could watch from your posh flat, you had to buy some type of ticket.

As we were walking around we came upon a lovely hotel in the centre of town with a load of amazing cars parked outside - yes, top makes, and lots of them!  We decided to walk in and check the place out!  And boldly we did and found a lovely restaurant.

The hotel was The Hermitage the restaurant was the Vistamar.

Upon enquiring, we learned that if you had lunch, you would receive a VIP Pass to watch the practice sessions from hotel's terrace overlooking the circuit!!!!  Needless to say we had lunch and it was over the top as you can see.

Sure enough after lunch we received our VIP Passes (good for two days), and retired to the outside deck to see the practice sessions.

The roar of the engines as the cars sped by was amazing.  Fortunately, Howard warned me (he had recent gone to the Indianapolis 500), and Jane brought ear-plugs.

It turned out to be a fantastic day, WITH an amazing meal.

We later learned that the same meal on Sunday's race day, with the same view from the terrace would cost 1050 €.

I think we did good!!!! 

Enjoy the photos...