Jane and Stephan Visit Paris to meet up with Joan and Andy

How nice, another excuse to go to Paris. Heard that Joan and Andy were visiting so we decided a trip was in order. Took EasyJet and trip was uneventful. New policy of reserved seats made the trip less stressful (no scrum to get an aisle seat), and as we were only going for a few days we actually managed to have "carry-on" luggage only. As a first, I did not bring my computer and was stressed that i was out of touch for several days - naturally this was of no consequence to Jane, who did have her iPad which as usually was very helpful.

We had a lovely time and ate in what i'm sure will now be (thanks to a recommendation by Tessa) our new favorite restaurant in Paris Bouillon Chartier. The place was very "old world" French, the food was great and we still can't get over the prices. Our lovely dinner with wine cost less then our breakfast at the Cafe de la Paix!!! And the atmosphere was the best. It looks like La Coupole will now take second place on my favourite's list.

It was great seeing my old friends Joan and Andy again whom I have not seen in a long while and meeting their now grown-up son Ben. We did some tourist stuff (Sacre Coeur, Le Marais), and wandered the street as tourists do... but this time using a lot more of our French then previous trips.

We had a great time, and now can't wait to visit again...